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Thread: Music based games freeze mid-song?

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    Music based games freeze mid-song?

    I have guitar hero 3 and 5 on my wii, run no problem. Everything works fine and thats not the problem I have. My problem has to do with when you're playing songs.

    I'll be playing a song and it will load correctly and play for a bit, but then seemingly randomly the disc tray will light up blue and the music chart will keep moving but the sound skips then continues going as before but the sound is 3-5 seconds behind the button chart.

    Sometimes this happens twice in a song and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. It doesn't matter what the song is and its always at different times.

    I have a 4.2u wii using the newest gx loader. I'm running off cIOS 222. I have a seagate HD attached with a sata -> usb adapter and no other games have this problem. (Monster hunter 3, mario galaxy, wii fit plus. To name a few)

    Any idea what to do? The forums and search engines are so bogged down with people asking to get guitar hero 5 to run I can't find anyone with MY problem so I decided to ask. Help please?

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    This post will link you to the guide(s) on this. You may click "search thread" under the search box and it will look within the specified thread for terms. Keep in mind, a backup via softmod spins @ 3x whereas originals spin @ 6x. This may be itself manifesting this...

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    I had the same exact problem with Band Hero, but do not know what exacty fixed it. If you have a USB stick, try playing the game from that and see if you have the same problem. It may be that the HDD is not fully compatible with Hermes cIOS.

    Also, you may want to try installing cIOSx rev19 with 37 as a base, and then use IOS249 to boot the game. Look for Ithians guide on installing that cIOS.


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