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Thread: Problem: failed to load game occasionally

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    Problem: failed to load game occasionally

    I'm using WiiKey2 with 1.3 odyssey upgrade applied (Wii firmware is 4.1). I have no problem to play NSMB; however, sometimes it fails to load the game and I need to restart Wii to make it work. Specifiically,
    (1) After I play NSMB, I exit to Wii main menu, eject the disk and then I turn it off
    (2) The next time I turn on my Wii, I insert the game disk and it fails to load the game - no error, just the game doesn't show up
    (3) Then, I need to turn off my Wii (with my game still inside my Wii) and then it'll load the game without any problem.

    I tried keeping the game disk in my Wii when I turn off my Wii (step (1) above), but the next time I turn on Wii, it still fails to load the game (& I need to restart it again to make it work).

    Is it a known problem? Any idea how to fix it?


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    I had the same problem. I'm thinking it's cause my Wii's semi-bricked/region bricked (upgraded system from a game that is in a different region from your Wii), I think the way to check if your Wii is semi-bricked is to click the System Management menu and see if you get an Opera Error. If you do then yeah.


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