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Thread: Is it safe to download Internet Channel on softmodded 4.2u console?

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    Question Is it safe to download Internet Channel on softmodded 4.2u console?

    I've just bought my Wii and before I even got the chance to check out Internet Channel and other stuff, i've softmodded it using a guide i got here.
    Everything works perfectly and I was wondering if it is safe to download the Internet Channel from the Internet as suggested by the system when I try to access it.
    I'm not downloading it now because it says it will perform a "system update" before the installation and as far as i know, system updates aren't a good thing for those who softmodded.
    Is it safe to download it anyway?

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    you can d/l it using dop mii and then install it as a wad

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    you can use nusd to download the opera channel then install it with wad manager/ios249/load from sd find and install the opera wad...

    or you can use dop-mii and download/(install automatic) directly to your wii(needs internet on the wii)

    one pointless channel if you ask me....

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    Thanks a lot guys! Just wanna check it out, gonna install it and then get bored, probably, but you know.. it's a new toy and i got to explore it!

    thanks a lot!

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