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Thread: Internet/Nintendo Channel NOT Working

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    Internet/Nintendo Channel NOT Working

    Hi all. I have a very strange problem. Everything on my Wii is working well but the Internet and Nintendo channels (the Shop and Homebrew channels work fine... i.e., both access the internet without issue). When I try to launch the Internet/Nintendo channel I get the the Back/Start option. After clicking Start my Wii simply displays a dark screen and doesn't do anything else. I am forced to hold the power button for 5+ seconds to power the Wii down. After powering my Wii back on everything works fine but the Internet and Nintendo channels. Very perplexing.

    I am running 4.2u and regularly load games to and play games from an external USB drive using USB Loader GX. The internet access is via Wi-fi on a "N" network. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Intenet channel to both the Wii and SD card. I've tried it with the external USB plugged in and out.

    I'm ok NOT having the Internet channel as long as Homebrew, etc. work fine, but I wonder if this is an indication of a bigger problem. Also, I am the first to admit I do NOT understand everything about hacking a Wii.

    Thanks for any advice!!!
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    Reinstalled ISO55. Everything is now working great!

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    Closed and glad you got it right.


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