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Thread: Black screen after SMBW

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    Black screen after SMBW

    I have a 4.2 Wii with homebrew etc as well as Wiikey2. I recently played an SD application named Super Mario Bros War and it froze. Since then i have been unable to open Neogamma or Usb loader. Any Ideas?

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    So I'm assuming that the game worked OK and NG and USBL worked prior to running the game.

    Unable to open NG and USBL in which way? The apps don't open? They crash to an exception DSI? They return to menu? The files don't exist on your SD?

    Some more info would enable us to assist you better.
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    Yes they were working prior to this. Both apps won't open. NG goes straight to a black screen and USB loader has the opening screen displayed for a few seconds then black screen then Exception (DSI) occured and some code.
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    My understanding of CIOs and IOS etc is not great, i have only changed what was needed as per this guide

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    Found this thread and removing 249 and re-installing did the trick. Hope this helps someone out.


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