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Thread: Samurai Warriors Katana - Usb loader GX black screen

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    Samurai Warriors Katana - Usb loader GX black screen

    Been searching all over google, seems few people have had the same problem but no solution.

    Getting a blackscreen after game menus on Samurai Warriors Katana (PAL). Is there any fixes avalible?

    Using softmodded wii, 4.1E, ciosRev14, Hermes 222/ 223. Latest beta GX

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    hi i have same problem BLACK SCREEN on samurai warriors and prince of percia.
    any idea how 2 fix that problem?

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    Got the same problem here , ive search the net too for some answers , seem it's a bad Dump depending on where u got it......or maybe an IOS missing, thats what the black screen tell me...but im more on ''bad dump'' issue, for those who remember DL bad dump ( Sakuras Wars )
    lets just wait and see for now...

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    prince of percia can be fixed by using gxloader r935
    but i cant seem to get samurai 3 working
    i can get it but it shakes pretty badly

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    SO??? what is the aswer?

    im using cfg usb loader.. what should i do?

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    Click the first link in my sig. "Games Won't Load" There is info about both games within the thread and links to guides/threads where people are discussing what works. (Samurai)
    Damn I suck!!!!


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