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Thread: Updating my Shopping channel on 4.1u which method please

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    Updating my Shopping channel on 4.1u which method please

    OK, I was using WiiSCU version WiiSCU v0.22 because it said on the site for anyone using 4.1 to use the first version.

    I ran it, and it appeared t oinstall fine but my shoppping channel is still telling me to get the update through the firmware... do I now have to use the latest version of WiiSCU? Or should i use a idfferent method like Marc's 4.2 Shop Channel Updater?

    It makes sense to think of it like this: It said 4.2 because its simply updating the shop chan to what would come with 4.2... not that its only an updater used on firmware 4.2 correct?

    Thank You!!

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    this will get your Shop Channel updated safely, go HERE.

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    Thank You gen3sf!!!


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