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Thread: Nintendo: Almost 1 Million Wii Users Streaming Netflix

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    Nintendo: Almost 1 Million Wii Users Streaming Netflix

    Netflix's newish movie streaming service on the Nintendo Wii is off to a good start: Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime just said on CNBC that almost 1 million Wii users have "participated" in the Netflix streaming system so far, which Netflix debuted this spring.

    We're not sure how he's defining "participated" -- whether these people simply ordered their free disc to activate Netflix streaming, or whether they've actually watched movies.

    But either way, any time Netflix can get almost 1 million people interested in something in a matter of weeks with a simple business development deal, it's obviously a good thing. (It took about 3 months for 1 million Xbox 360 users to try the Netflix app for that console, but that required an Xbox Live subscription.)
    Source: Nintendo: Almost 1 Million Wii Users Streaming Netflix - Yahoo! Finance
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    Really, that's good to hear. I read somewhere the other day that predictions were just the opposite because of the HD issue.

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    HD is only resolution and isnt really a good way to judge how sucessful something will be a.k.a the PS3.

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    Can anyone tell me if there is any noticable difference when using netflix with a composite cable versus a component one?


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