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Thread: WAD Manager 1.6 disconnects wiimote

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    WAD Manager 1.6 disconnects wiimote

    As stated in the title of this post, when I get to the NAND emulator selection screen (or something like that) my wiimote for no apparent reason disconnects and when I press any button it merely flashes the battery levels as if the wii is turned off (when in fact it and the application are still running).

    I've also tried v1.4 however, the wiimote disconnects at the initial IOS selection screen. Any help? I'm trying to uninstall IOS249 and replace it with a cIOS so I can play DVD backups on my 4.2E.

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    Have u done any searching? Have u made any modifications to your wii other than installing the homebrew channel? You would use any title deleter or similar to uninstall an ios not wad manager.


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