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Thread: Korean wii Problems, how to change 3.2u to 3.2e

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    Korean wii Problems, how to change 3.2u to 3.2e

    I bought a wii off ebay australia, seller said it was a Pal version and was chipped and came with 60 games. Sweet so when i got it i found out it did not have a chip only to find it was softmodded, with a firmware 3.2U. I noticed when i looked in the memory blocks its got japanese twilight Hack with wii backup loader channel. The wii games i got were mega crap, titles like winx club and other BS. My brothers got a wii 2 but hes got a PAl one with 54 good Pal wii Games.

    What i am asking is how do i change the firmware on this to a pal region so i can play pal wii copied games. I know korean wii have problems but how do you suggest i get around so i can play pal wii games on this korean wii. I can't return this wii as seller has vanished. Can someone give me a guide on how to change the firmware.

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    First of all dont post your question twice, it wont help you get it answered. If this was an accident, we understand.

    You cant change the region of your wii, but you can apply region free settings allowing you to run any region retail discs or backups. To do this you have to install priiloader if you dont have it already. Just complete step 5 of this guide. This will install priiloader for you. Once you have priiloader installed, simply access it by holding down the reset button immediately after powering on, and then just enable the region free system hack.


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