I bought a wii off ebay australia, seller said it was a Pal version and was chipped and came with 60 games. Sweet so when i got it i found out it did not have a chip only to find it was softmodded, with a firmware 3.2U. I noticed when i looked in the memory blocks its got japanese twilight Hack with wii backup loader channel. The wii games i got were mega crap, titles like winx club and other BS. My brothers got a wii 2 but hes got a PAl one with 54 good Pal wii Games.

What i am asking is how do i change the firmware on this to a pal region so i can play pal wii copied games. I know korean wii have problems but how do you suggest i get around so i can play pal wii games on this korean wii. I can't return this wii as seller has vanished. Can someone give me a guide on how to change the firmware.