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Thread: Problem with backup launcher

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    Question Problem with backup launcher

    Hi guys;
    I need help with operating wiigators backup launcher via the homebrew channel. The problem is that last week I purchased Monster Hunter Tri and had to uninstall HBC first to upadate to 4.2E safely so I could play the game. But now after reinstalling HBC with the loader it no longer functions correctly and instead the screen turns black upon loading it.

    I am sure this isn't a problem with my install of the HBC as I've tried emulators such as snes9x GX with my cc pro (which works great). If there is a way to restore functionality without having to use another loader or having to do some sort of NAND hacking or firmware patching your help will be very appreciated. If not I'll just install NeoGamma.

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    You didn't mention that you installed cIOS after updating foolishly to 4.2 thinking it was required for MH3.

    SM 4.2 stubs all 200+ cIOS, removes bootmii/boot2 and HBC in HAXX location and also renders modchips unable to play out of region discs.
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    Firslty let me say that when you buy a recently released wii game it forces you to upade your firmware before playing the game, even if you disconnect from the internet (the update is written directly to the disk). And secondly, I am not using a modchip, I have a softmodded wii and only play games within the PAL region. All I would like to know is the steps I must take to safely return functinality to DVD backup launchers to my wii, in a way that will also ensure the further safety of my wii in a future situation where I may be forced to once again update my firmware.

    I am not asking for a guarantee that HBC will continue to work if I ever update, I am asking since I may have to mess with the wii system that if I ever upadate it that the official functions will still operate fully. This is the first time I am having this problem as it is the first time I have bought a new wii game in over a year.

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    Softmod using the 4.2 guide in my sig and follow the guide for monster hunter. Priiloader can block disc and online update. They're not needed to get a game to work. You just need the games ios installed

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    Thanks for your reply junkmail, being able to install cIOS should get the backup launcher up and running again. My actual problem isn't re-installing HBC, but using that turorial everything should be fine now.
    I actually knew updating isn't technically needed for the game to run, but without the application you just told me about there was no way for me to bypass the system update message. Thanks.


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