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Thread: Cant play MHTri online, its safe to use wiiconnect24?

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    Cant play MHTri online, its safe to use wiiconnect24?

    have some error 11607, i searched and found that u need to send some mail on wiiconnect24 to activate the community, my wii has chip mod, is it ok to enable wiiconnect24 and do this? there is risk to autoupdate and brick? or u can safetly do this and then turn it off?

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    Hello, GNykrios:

    If you've not softmodded and are only hardmod, make sure if you enable it you don't leave it in standby mode. If you're a softmodder (or even want to search the proper thread, look here. Beyond that, I'll move this into the appropriate forum. Oh, welcome to wiihacks!

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    thanks for the answer, the problem is that i know little about wii scene, its actually a friends wii im talking about, (he knows less lol), so i know its hardmoded, but trying to get this game to work, we installed cIOS55BugFix.wad and Softchip, does this count as a softmod? are they just channels on your wii or they are more than that?

    im just asking this because im trying to get a fast answer, as usual ill begin to research about this to get my own answer, but it will take time.

    oh btw, i did used the search engine but without didnt find what i was looking for.

    also the hardmod is a wiikey, he has some wad wiiware games, gecko channel to load games that requires updates before running the game.
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