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Thread: Hire to Softmod my Wii

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    Us Hire to Softmod my Wii

    I just don't have the time! I need to hire someone to softmod my Wii so I may play my backup games with USB loader GX.

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    you should take the time to read about and softmod yourself. Softmods need to be updated frequently-ish and if you dont do the original mod you'll come unstuck later on! It really isn't as hard as it first looks, honest

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    Us Just stopped working

    I did try it out my self and it was working great with the USB loader GX but not now for some strange reason the screen goes black when I try to play a game from the USN loader GX. I had about 40 backedup games on my WBFS formatted drive that was loading correctly. THBC works great. Strange!

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    Some games are problematic and require special attention. What game is it. Sometimes the cause of a black screen is a missing ios the game needs. If you pay someone to softmod and a new game needs a new ios then you're going to have to pay them again. It would be best if you did some research and learned the basics at least. All the info can be found on the forum.

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    I had 39 games in my USB drive and every one worked great until this problem appeared.

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    Which game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiitron View Post
    I just don't have the time! I need to hire someone to softmod my Wii so I may play my backup games with USB loader GX.
    Seems pretty lazy to me! I'm married with two kids under five and my wife and I both have fulltime jobs.
    So our days are pretty full seven days a week and I still found the time to softmod my wii.
    And as already mentioned in this thread,it's not that hard to do with the wealth of knowledge on this
    awesome community!

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    Everyone has some free time whether over the course of a day, a week, etc. What we all do as individuals is prioritize how we choose to spend our free time. For example, I will always make time somewhere to do some recreational reading. Others use some of their free time to go running, or to see their kid play ball or piano. So, addressing this member's complaint of free time is not really the issue; the issue is one of importance to our member.

    Rather than being overwhelmed or lazy, perhaps wiitron just doesn't want to spend any time diagnosing and tinkering...essential activities of "hacking" with his Wii. So, no matter how many guides, no matter how easy, or no matter how much advice and goodwill is in our community for wiitron, if there is no inclination to make time or value the activity wiitron's original post may just truly reflect core values. However, the core values of this site are to offer resources for free with the expectation that our members will not be spoonfed or try to find a "mod for hire". No one on this site is paid; all staff, moderators, and even the administrators provide time and service on a voluntary basis.

    In your disinterest in even posting a thorough hiring notice, you neglected to identify your geographical location. Please look through the mod shops and see if a recommended vendor is near your location. Good luck in locating someone to take care of your Wii for you. Best wishes.


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