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Thread: USB Loader GX Format Problem!

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    Exclamation USB Loader GX Format Problem!


    I have a softmodded wii 4.2 E with usb loader GX. Everything was working fine until I decided to partition my hard drive, so I could use 1 partition for wii games and the other for personal use. Now when I plug my hard drive into the wii and load up usb loader gx it does not come up with the format wbfs screen and goes straight to the normal menu.
    Both my partitions are fat.

    Please help!!! Thanks!

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    im no expert on this but have read a few things about usb loaders as im on about getting myself a hard drive and doing it myself but cant find one cheap enough yet so am waiting for the right bargain.

    Im not 100% sure but feel that you need one of the partions formated to wbsf format and not both fat like you said you have i could be mistaken but im sure you need one wbsf and one fat.

    try one with wbsf and the other fat

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    Yes but normally when you have a fat drive connected to usb loader gx it asks you if you want to format to wfbs... but for some funny reason it doesnt!!! It worked once about 5 minutes again, then I clicked the chosen partition and then it stopped... :s

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    Thanks for the info but I use mac! I can run xp on my mac but everytime a run wfbs manager it crashes and the rar file that came with your link does not run! Getting so frustrated, tried everything!

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    Thanks for the help but I have found a solution. Ran xp on my mac and used ncwfbs tool. It's the only programme that lets me run and that let's me format drive.


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