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Thread: loading games from usb neogamma 7

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    loading games from usb neogamma 7

    I am new to the wii. My wii is soft modded. I couldn't really tell you the guide i used t do it, but using Wbfs manger 3.0 i been able to successfully able to format and load games on my 8gb sandisk usb stick. The problems i am having is that if i load more then one game on it the first game loaded is only seen and able to be played. Should i be able to see all games on stick in neogamma? Are there any others loaders that will show all game on drive?

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    In neogamma when you select USB and then mount click he left and right directinals on the d-pad to choose diff games..... Also search for USBLOADERGX.... Or my thread for the latest neogamma channels......(look in my sig )

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    Thank you for the help. I will try what you suggested. I got so much to learn and right now everything is way over my head. Funny thing is that when i did soft mod i didn't even know anything bout being able to brick the wii.


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