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Thread: ISO -> WBFS file size problem?

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    ISO -> WBFS file size problem?

    I keep reading that the WBFS file sizes are "generally" much smaller than their parent 4GB ISO files (i.e. 0.5GB - 1.5GB) by only loading the necessary "game" data... Since I'm a newb, I was testing this out on a 14GB HDD and figured I could prob get at least 6-10 games on this drive... Apparently, something is wrong, bc my file sizes are NOT that small. NSMBWii 4.12GB, Boom Blox 1.3GB, Mario Galaxy 3.27GB, 3.61GB). I've seen NSMBWii as small as 400MB! I was ultimately going to use an spare 100GB USB HDD for all my backups (I own about 20 games). What am I doing wrong?

    (Wii 4.2U/WiiFlow 1.1/WBFS 3.0)

    Thank to WiiHacks and all who have helped me get this far!
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    Every game varies. i have some that are anything from 0.3gb to 4.0gb

    Have a look here

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    Hey, thanks a million for pointing me to that thread. But it fails to mention or explain why there are large variances in file sizes of the same game from the same region. Assuming they are loaded via WBFS v3.0 (as its probably the mostly widely used). Again, my NSMB file is over 4GB whereas most people are getting 0.4GB... That's a huge differece! Is there an option that I'm missing in WBFS to "scrub" my ISO files down? In the "Advanced" tab in WBFS there is a drop down box that says "Partitions to Keep" - which setting am I supposed to be using? I left everything at default and it currently says "Only Game Partition".

    Interestingly, I tried 3 other games and they matched up with list. For some reason NSMB is an extra 3.5GB and I'm willing to live with it bc I know this particular game was a headache for people to get it working properly. All I know is that it works! Good enough for me.
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    Keep it at the default settings. NSMB should but about 347 MB when scrubbed.
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