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Thread: D2Pro9 V3 vs. Wasabi V3 for New Wii

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    D2Pro9 V3 vs. Wasabi V3 for New Wii

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased a Wii (10/3/08 to be exact) in the US and was wondering which out of the two below is recommended for me to get considering I am a first time modder:

    D2Pro9 V3 Solderless

    Wasabi V3 Solderless

    I checked Wiitracker and it tells me my Wii is 50% D2C and 50% pins are not cut. Then I checked Wiidrives and it tells me its 75% D2E and 25% D2E no MC (not sure what that means). I figure since both chips are compatible to both D2C and D2E, it won't make a difference.

    I'm providing this information because one of the factors I'm considering is easy install. That is why the Wasabi V3 caught my eye because on the website it states its 100% solderless (no need to solder the F wire anymore). It doesn't quite say this for the D2Pro9.

    However, been reading around this forum and it seems that D2Pro9 is preferred and the Wasabi V3 has a 5-10% failure rate. I suppose if I'm told that the D2Pro9 is a safer choice in terms of it working right out of the box, I go with that. I can always get a friend with soldering experience to help me out.

    I just need opinions and feedback from people on their experience with each.

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    Here is my post at the other one.

    no one could said it's 100% for sure the chip/clip works fine on your machine. it's 50-50. I purchased 2 Wasabi 100% solderless chip/clip which could work for all d2c, d2c2 and d2e, but they didn't work on my 2 wii systems, but it works fine on my friend's wii. even my chip and my friend are the same as d2e. i don't know why, even the seller couldn't answer me why. I have to return it to the seller. Hopefully, they can refund or exchange it with a different one until i'm lucky to get the right one.

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    I know that the solderless D2Suns have worked on all the D2Es we have installed. Just my 2 cents. :P

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    if you go d2pro then make sure its got the 2.3/1.6 firmware already on the chip so you dont have eject inching issues...all our chips come flashed with the new firmware ....we have new stock of d2e which already has the new firmware on it.

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    Yea, Gmodz, the site I have linked states that the D2Pro9 has the latest firmwire installed. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

    As for N1tro, you bring up a good point. That makes me wonder if these sites/resellers test their products (at least for the solderless product). I understand that every Wii is going to be different (apparantly) even if they are the same chip version. I am just afraid of shelling out 'x' amount of dollars to have a possibility of it not working even though I did everything right. Is it common for these sites to offer return policies that allow the buyer to exchange a product if it doesn't work? For example, if I get a D2Pro9 and it doesn't work, exchange it for another D2Pro9. Not sure if they would allow me to exchange it for a Wasabi V3 even though they are priced the same...

    I suppose in the end I just want it to work. Is there a higher probability of that with the D2Pro9 versus the Wasabi V3 for newer Wiis (based on its history)? And if one D2Pro9 doesn't work on mine, is it possible for another D2Pro9 (if exchanged) to work? Same thing for the Wasabi: If one Wasabi V3 doesn't work, is it possible for another to work?

    I guess what I really like about the Wasabi is that you can update it with a DVD whereas for the D2Pro9, I have to buy the programmer seperately (correct me if I'm wrong). Again, if you guys tell me the advantages or disadvantages about each that I may not know about (in terms of future proof, playing DVD-R/+R, etc.), I am willing to take either side.

    Thanks again.
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    any reputable site will exchange for defects...we let our customers exchange if the chip does not work..with the solderless clips a lot of times its not the chip but a failed user install....a lot of people are not careful installing the clip and bend the pins on the clip...the d2pro9 can be updated through dvd as well but the team sometimes releases jtag updates which requires the d2prog.

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    what we usually do is have the customer ship it back for inspection, we try it out if the chip itself works then perhaps its not compatible with their drive so we offer them an alternative chip. If it is the clip thats been damaged during install then we know that was the cause, in which case the same chip would likely work just fine.
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    How convenient that this thread came along....

    I am considering the same purchase (Wasabi v3 or D2Pro9 v2.3), but for a D2B drive (maybe my D2C drive also that I replaced with the D2B).

    Right now the D2B drive is modded with wiikey, but lately I've been having issues with some backups, but only certain games. Nero CD/DVD Speed gives me PI Error Max around 100 and PI Fail Max around 4.

    Do you think it would be better to buy a new DVD burner (Pioneer DVR-216D) and try to burn better backups or get a Wasabi/D2Pro9 and try it on the D2C drive? The D2B was a used drive to replace the original D2C (at the time everything was still the daunting 25 wire installs) so the D2C is brand new.

    Also, I was wondering... is there anything different I would have to do on the D2B drives vs the D2C drive if using the WiiClip? Would both be a "just clip it" solution? (Obviously I would have to de-solder the wiikey first.) I am not totally uncomfortable with soldering (I soldered the wiikey without any problems).

    Thanks for your help.
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    i doubt u need a chip...looks like a media/burner issue...for d2b and d2c the clip is a little different...for d2b not all the points are soldered from the clip to the chip

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    I guess this is my excuse to get one of the new SATA DVD burners. Pioneer has never done me wrong, but I guess my old DVR-111D is tired (and it should be - it has been well used). One of the new features of the DVR-x16 is supposed to improve on burn quality.

    Still seems like the PI errors should be OK and other backups work OK even with similar numbers... just the one game seems hypersensitive to ANY burn errors. Also, I only use Taiyo Yuden premium discs and always burn at 4x. From Nero DVD Speed, 4x gives me the best burn on my present hardware.

    Guess I'll hold my D2C drive in reserve...

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