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Thread: guitar hero 5 and band hero music stores - locked out?

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    guitar hero 5 and band hero music stores - locked out?

    I am using original discs of both games

    and have the 'all dlc for free' hacks installed

    music stor was working fine on wednesday as I imported guitar hero world tour

    today saturday every time i try to go into the music store it is freezing at the all done page

    world tour - rock band 2 and rock bans beatles are all fine and can still download tracks

    I have tried both discs on an untampered wii and the store opens up fine

    Have they caught up with the hacks today?

    or is it just me? anyone else?

    Pal UK wii

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    Hi all just noticed another thread was opened on this yesterday and was close -

    Please do not close this thread - the links given in the new thread do not answer the issue

    this is a NEW problem that has tarted in the last 2 days

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    Yeah I to started having this issue around weds. evening. I posted in last topic that was closed and I'm unable to find any help other than more people having the same problems. I to use a retail disc to play and cannot get it to connect to the music store. The last thread I posted in was closed prior to me being able to respond to me not using the search function which I always use first before I post. I to have the dlc hacks for my dlc and am wondering if the new black sabbath track pack is messing with the wads installed. Seems it broke right after those became available. Also they haven't updated the wii shop channel in the past few days have they? Just trying to get back into my music shop. Game has played fine for many months and have had no issues getting into music shop until recently.

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    does anyone know if uninstalling the wads will open up the music store again?

    on anothr forum someone said they deleted their GH% save file - but if I do this do I lose all DLC content I already have?

    same if I uninstal wads will I lose everything?

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    I have uninstalled all the wad files and deleted my save game folder now it says I can't connect to server error code 204050 which is an error code for connecting to the wii shop channel. When I exit the game I can connect to the wii shop so I'm not sure what the problem is unless the guitar hero servers are down for the wii. Anyone with some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Also you wont see your downloaded songs once you uninstall the wad files.

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    I have managed to get the store open again by removing the GH5 wads - but leaving the GHWT ones on

    I can still download all GHWT in GH5 but obviously no other stuff is ticked

    looks like they found a way to block the wads for GH5 and Band hero!

    also lost all the stuff I had downloaded previously!

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    final update - this is what I have done

    I removed all wads - but left what I had previously downloaded on my card - which was only abou 40 tracks from GH5 (as I didnt think this would happen lol)

    I then installed GHWT wad - I downloaded all songs in GHWT - I then went into GH5 shop and added the free packs so I can play GHWT DLC tracks on GH5

    (please note - after installing the following wads I had to remove sd card before enterring music other was it would come up with an error screen - once in music store inserted SD card and then no problem to download as below)

    I then installed what I call the SYOP wad - which is the 'special offer' of importing the songs off the GHWT disc into GH5 - 35 tracks in all

    at this point when all tracks downloaded it cam up with an error page - but when you log into archive all the track are there and playable

    I then installed the Smash Hits wad - all ticked and downloaded - then error page - but all in archive and playable

    I then installed Band hero Wad - all ticked and downloaded - then error page - but all in archive and playable

    then as another test before I installed the GH5 wad - I put in Band Hero and GH5 Disc import was available - I have imported all those too!

    then - GH5 wad installed - all of my previous downloaded content (about 40 songs as above) were back in my archive so I hadnt lost any - however Music Store now froze again on 'all done' page

    so its the GH5 dlc wad they have blocked out

    I have 362 tracks on my sd card - and that looks like it for the forseeable future

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    I also have the same problem, freezing at the All Done screen, I have yet to try and fix the problem, I look forward to seeing what the fix is for this, I'm sure someone will come up with something. In the meantime, hang in there people, someone will find the answer, very soon, I hope, lol.

    Keep On Rocking!


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