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Thread: Starfall v0.5 - What is the "Wii Rescue Menu" for?

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    Question Starfall v0.5 - What is the "Wii Rescue Menu" for?

    I go on starfall v0.5 and there is the option to install it, and run it when pressing Y on the game cube controller. Also, I tried it and it just said my system version 3.2 on the screen and nothing happened, I had to physically disconnect it and shut it down.

    There is also the option for the menu to bypass the diagnostic disc check. Which I imagine will allow me to actually use the recovery menu.

    So, whats the rescue menu for? How do I use it? What is the diagnostic disc check on the rescue menu system for?

    Thx in advance.
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    I have never used this app, but my guess would be that the "bypass diagnostic Disc check" is option to disable the Wii Updates from games.

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    Never mind, I asked around in the irc chats. And this is actually a rescue menu for recovering bricked Wiis. You can unbrick Wiis through the menu. Just press Y in the 1st gamecube pad when starting the console and put in a game and it will boot it. This is useful for recovering Wiis bricked from bad wads. Just have the twilight hack save file on your Wii and activate the rescue menu, boot the game, do the twilight hack to run the wad manager and uninstall the wad.

    This is way easier than making an autoboot copy of zelda.
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    I think i installed starfall but i bricked my wii and when i try to press and hold the y button on start up, nothing happens. i have the twilight hack on my sd and the boot.dol and Zelda TP.

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    WOOOT! fixed it haha


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