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Thread: wii 4.2 semi brick

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    wii 4.2 semi brick

    hi there, i had a wii 4.1k, try to install hbc change language & wii flow sucessfully, but end up with a semi brick, now can go to wii flow menu, but black screen when launch game. couldn't access to wii settings now. only white screen. dunno which step i did wrong. needed help for tat... thank you.

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    This should help, I susspect you still have 4.1k installed.
    password is QK.Mod
    Extract the apps and ios folders to sd:\
    Your card should look like-
    Load HBC, launch ARCmod06_Offline
    Use ios249
    Go down to "system menu 4.1 installer"
    set region to "USA", below that click set&save
    You now have a region mismatch warning
    below that click click install- GO
    Use waninkoko's method
    The warning should now be gone, all settings should display as USA, English.
    The installed system menu should display 4.1u
    Verify, Verify again
    Now exit to HBC

    Your game issues are probably related to your loader settings, or and ios/cios issue.
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