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Thread: USB Stick won't be recognised! Please help (Game, Hardware AND software probs!)

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    USB Stick won't be recognised! Please help (Game, Hardware AND software probs!)

    Basicly I was trying to make Monster Hunter Tri work. I tried installing all sorts of Cios and stuff. I kept getting the 001 error with NeoGamma and 002 with wiigator 0.3.
    I decided to try the usb stick way. However, it seems the wii won't detect it! It lights up from behind so the USB does get it's surge, but when I use the wiiflow or cfg usb or GX I kept getting errors that seem to imply that the usb is not connected! (The Wiiflow actually shows me a picture of the wii's hiney and where to input the usb stick!) The cfg one counts down from 30 to 1, and the GX freezes after it shows me a few lines (and then says to try usb spot 0).
    I did try a lot of the things from the MH3 topic, but ofcourse, it all comes down to trying the usb loader part.
    My wii is modchipped, but, the modchip sucks. It was at a time where nintendo did not deliver wii's here so ppl made their own modchips to make extra money (rather than order the real brands from out of the country, so the modchip is not updated and I quit using it a long long time ago. Most games give me errors and stuff if I don't use the homebrew channel to load a game.)

    The usb stick is a sandisk one, 8GB, I made it into WBFS and all.
    I'm sorry if this is not the right forum, I Was not sure where this belongs (problems with game, hardware and software XD)

    If you have a solution to any of these things, I'd love to hear it, and if this is not the topic's place, please move it!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Could very well be an incompatible USB device, flash drives don't tend to be as compatible as do the interfaces on USB Hard Drives and enclosures.

    If you are 100% sure you have cIOS properly installed then look towards a different USB device.
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    I see... Is there any way to make the DVD one work? I used a Verbatim DVD to burn it, so it should'nt be about the quality of the DVD...

    Edit: I found a way to play the game! Some dude suggested a Uloader and it seems to work through the DVD! I guess the topic is useless now, thanks for the help! I'd still want to know if there's another USB solution, incase someone knows something, since I can't afford to go and buy usb sticks untill I find a working one XD
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