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Thread: Neo Gammer DVD Read Error (1142)

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    Neo Gammer DVD Read Error (1142)

    I got a Wii 4.1 UK and I've burnt back ups onto Verbatim discs at 2x and 4x. I doubt burning is the issue here.

    I followed the Soft mod guide for a 4.1 and I completed it perfectly, got the loaders and everything.

    I have Neo Gammer installed IOS247 Rev 17, everytime I try to load a game up from the DVD, I keep getting the error, "DVD Read Error (1142)".

    The game I am trying to load is Pikmin, New Play Control.

    Any ideas?


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    Could be a D3-2 drive (unable to play backups)

    Plug your Wii serial number into this Wii Drive Chip Database

    If it is a D3-2 drive then you have a few options....

    1) Play only retail purchased game discs (yeah right!)

    2) Play your backups using USB Loaders and devices (ftw)

    3) Buy an older drive PCB off ebay and swap with the D3-2 you have (also ftw)
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    Right, I got a GC2 - DMS. So what does that mean? No back ups?



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