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Thread: 4.2 U Firmware preventing me from installing cIOS please help

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    Ca 4.2 U Firmware preventing me from installing cIOS please help

    I have been trying all day and all night to install
    a cIOS and all attempts have been unsuccessful.

    I keep getting error 1035 or error 2011 everytime I trying to install
    a cIOS.

    I have done everything imagainable. I installed Trucha Bug Restorer and
    have used three different 3 versions of cIOS Installer and still my Wii won't
    install a cIOS.

    I have been working at this all day and all night.

    Could someone help me please.

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    4.2 isn't preventing you from installing cIOS.

    See here...Error Index.

    You said you installed trucha bug restorer but that makes no sense. You need to use DOP-Mii and do step 3 of Shadow Sonics 4.2 Guide.

    Which guide did you follow to softmod your wii?

    Also your first post should be in the introductions section of the site. You will be greeted with some useful links.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Oh Krank thx for the help. I hope it is okay with you to continue with this thread. So that you
    can help me on this thread, since it is already created. I am glad I got such a quick response from somebody.
    I'm sorry I did not ude the threads correctly. I used some guys guide off you tube his name is maxgonzalez.
    Well first I used some guy's guide off youtube his name is also sonic, I used his first. Then that did
    not work and I used maxgonzalez guide. After that did not work I came to the conclusion that it was
    the 4.2 u patch that was the problem because I had been doing everything else right. That is the reason why
    I used Truch Bug Restorer to try to get it downgraded so that I could install a cIOS but it did not work.

    The only reason why I messed around with TRR was because I could not get a cIOS installed when I tried
    to use the installers.

    If you could help me out that would be great.

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    Hmmm... you any kin to smashdude? You talk like he does, your IP looks familiar, but I'm batting a zero on pining you down. Coincidence? Maybe...

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    Shadow Sonic's guide looks good. I am going to try it tonite and tell you how it goes.

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    Thanks Krank, the guide you referred me to worked like a charm. I finally got it to work! Thx..

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    No problem, the lesson here is don't follow You Tube guides. They cause more harm then good in most cases. This site has everything you will ever need regarding wii modding. Glad you sorted your problem.

    Damn I suck!!!!

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