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Thread: problem with partitions

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    problem with partitions


    i have a problem with my 2 partitions on my hd. it is a wd (1tb) i make a partition of 600 gig and
    the other one is 400 first part is full of games and they works , but on the second one i have
    70 games , and let us say 50 of them works and the 20 other doesn't i can't get in the options of the games anymore to change the ios , country fix , and download the covers . also every game i install now i can't open them. this is what i've got on my wii

    fat 32 mount sd
    cfg base:sd:/usb loader
    loader v.56
    ios 249 rev_19 {frag}
    base ios 37 mload v1.0

    is there somebody who can help me???

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    Us Read this!!!!

    First use USB Loader GX
    go to Downloads (USB Loader GX)
    download USB Loader GX 1.0 Installer
    connect your sd this will install the files you need for sd.
    Then go to Downloads - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code
    get the latest version which is r929 put it on apps then usb loader gx
    change it boot.dol remove the one it has from it this from sd.
    then get cios 17rev not 19rev it has a lot of problems.
    FileTrip - cIOS Installer 38r17
    install it then get
    hermes cIOS 222/223/202 installer 4 install only 222 only.
    remove save gamecube memory to not get erro.
    FileTrip - hermes cIOS 222/223/202 installer 4
    Then open the usb loader gx then connect your hard drive with your games.
    then go to setting go to game setting change the cios from 249 too 222.
    everything should work.


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