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Thread: Gamecube Wireless Controller, which is good?

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    Gamecube Wireless Controller, which is good?

    Wireless Game Controller for Nintendo Gamecube Wii NEW - eBay (item 140403479249 end time May-02-10 06:30:02 PDT)

    Has anyone used this controller? Is it a quality one? Or some cheaply made controller in comparison to the MadCatz?

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    I have this controller at home
    (normally it's compatible with "gamecube" games.)

    But don't have any gamecube games at moment on my wii.

    With games like mariokart wii it works that can I say already.

    See following link:

    Thrustmaster - T-Wireless NW - La première manette sans fil programmable et vibrante pour les jeux Console Virtuelle

    If I get so far I will say if works with gamecube too.

    But in the manual there stands:
    Fully compatible on Wii with
    • all "Virtual Console Games": NES, SNES, N64, SEGA MEGA DRIVE, TURBOGRAFX (Pc Engine)
    • all Gamecube games
    • some Wii games which are compatible with Gamecube controller

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    I've just purchased the Thrustmaster above as I'm fed up of waiting for a white GC controller from Play-Asia to come off backorder. It has mixed reviews, but more positive than negative, and it's versatility makes it idea for emulators and standard GC games (the placement of the d-pad especially). Can't wait for it to arrive as I've got Ocarina of Time ready to play on a special disc that came with Mario Kart: Double Dash! - sadly I have no controller at all ATM.


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