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Thread: Wasabi v3 no longer takes disks

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    Wasabi v3 no longer takes disks

    Hello, great forum here. So I installed the wasabi v3 on a d2e wii, 9 soldered wires. It worked great for about a week,took and read backup disks, now the drive will not take disks at all, it's like its dead. I unplugged the wii and restarted it, no luck. I noticed some users are talking about the K? point so you can reset the wasabi? Do you think I have to do this? Any help would be appreciated. If so could you point me to a picture of the K point soldered?


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    I think your clip may be the problem. Reseat it and try again.

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    I dont have the clip, It's directly soldered to the board. I used a metcal soldering iron and a microscope. I checked all connections, seems to be ok.

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    320 you have a pic of your install you can post for us to see?

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    did you check your soldering to ensure that it don't have any cold soldering?
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.

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    I will double check the soldering and take some pictures. Thanks for the help so far.

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    Interesting, my wii is in my entertainment center so it's not ever moved. Last night I unplugged the wii and this morning I plugged it in, once it powered up the drive is accessed????????? It's working again. I'm going to see for the cold solder joint, sounds like that might be the problem????


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