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Thread: World Cup 2010 Hangs

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    Exclamation World Cup 2010 Hangs

    World Cup 2010 game loads and just hangs on the EA Sports logo with the full loading bar... Booting From HDD tried USB Loader GX, Neogamma R8, Cfg Usb Loader all same result... anyone else got it working via USB

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    patched uptodate

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    It worked fine for me on usb loader gx with default settings, could just be a bad rip.

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    someone else that ran it got it to work tried running with diff ios but still same problem. does it need any spec updates???

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    Just downloaded USA version, Same issue... anyone else having this issue??? is there any new updates???

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    Running it ok with neogamma 9, Rev 19cios 38 (from Disc & usb)

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    i have updated CIOS 38 to Version 19 and used the new NeoGamma 9 Beta 9.... Still same issue... tried on differant HDD and still same issue...... pulling my hair out... HELP Plz

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    Possibly a USB device problem

    I had a similar issue with a couple of my newer games.
    I was convinced the problem was a missed IOS or possible a loader problem.
    Someone suggested I try a different harddrive.
    I copied the game to a fast USB stick and the game worked perfectly.
    I replaced my USB harddrive and now no issues.
    Hope this helps....

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