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Thread: Dumping SSBB

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    Dumping SSBB

    If I am correct, SSBB should be dumped with Friidump 0.4.0. Burnt @ 2.4X with imgburn and layer break set at 2084960 on Verbatim DVD-R DL? Will it work on the D2C chip? Thanks

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    Yes, that is correct, except if it does not work with Friidump then use Rawdump2.0.

    SSBB works on all wii chips.

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    I would burn it at 2x speed or less, and for ssbb you will need dual layer disks.

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    I am unable to dump SSBB on Rawdump 2.0 It says that I may have a faulty drive. Other games are dumping fine.

    What is the problem?

    Also, I cannot use a normal 4.7G DVD-R?

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    You need Dual layer discs SSBB is a dual layer DVD, just compare the back of the Disc to another Wii disc, you will see that SSBB is a lot darker (must be originals) . I heard Friidump 0.4.0 is the only program that will dump SSBB, I am getting stuck on 1% so I might try Rawdump 2.0 when I have finished dumping Okami.

    Cant get it to work with Rawdump or Friidump. Can anyone post a tutorial?
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