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Thread: Cyber Bike Pedals Onto Nintendo Wii

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    Cyber Bike Pedals Onto Nintendo Wii

    While I was fooling around with google and, looking for crazy gadgets for wii, I found something interesting.

    Cyber Bike Pedals Onto Nintendo Wii
    Written by admin

    With one mega announcement, a relative unknown developer named Big Ben has splashed onto the video game scene. We have seen some outrageous Nintendo Wii accessories before, but Big Ben gets the prize for the grandest. A full sized exercise bike.


    You read that correctly. Big Ben has unveiled a pack-in title called Cyberbike. Using the exercise bike accessory, you can peddle around in a virtual world while getting some free exercise to boot.

    The game also features a feel good story as you will be saving the environment while you pedal. Clear paths and roads of pollution as you cycle through them.

    This game sounds too much of a trip to be true. However, here is the press release which validates the news:


    This Winter Bigben Interactive releases two Wii™ video games with innovative accessories to help you keep in shape: a full-size exercise bike and a personal trainer that includes advice on nutrition.


    Discover the very first video game that comes with an exercise bike—have fun while pedalling! Cyberbike introduces a brand new way to do sports in your living room. The game invites you use your eco-citizens head and legs to clean up the planet. Clear paths and roads of the sources of pollution that are ruining the environment as you cycle along on some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined—on land, sea and air. Using the bike included with the game, players are able to ride through 18 different circuits. As you progress, numerous accessories are unlocked to customise your vehicles and equipment, such as new backpacks and new vehicle colours.

    There is something for all the family with three game modes: Fitness, Story, and Multiplayer (up to four players taking turns).

    The exercise bike bundled with the game is a genuine innovation. It is simple to connect it to your Nintendo Wii and can be used by all the family thanks to the adjustable saddle and handlebars.
    Source Cyber Bike Pedals Onto Nintendo Wii - Wii News

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    What will they think of next.....



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