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Thread: Bricked wii -- Bootmii boot?

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    Bricked wii -- Bootmii boot?

    Hi all,

    It appears I've bricked my first Wii after having done a few with no issues, as usual I didn't back up the nand or install anything I thought may help in case this happened, but now it has...

    The wii won't boot, just black screen, no text - nothing. As far as I can remember I was uninstalling wad files before rebooting, when it went black screen of death. Bootmii is still installed as IOS, boot2 wasn't able to be used. Is there any way of booting into bootmii from cold?

    Assuming that's not possible, can anyone lead me in a direction that may help, or is it a case of returning to Nintendo for a tad of help....



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    What wads were you uninstalling? Hold reset when you power on to see if priiloader comes up.

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    If you uninstalled your system menu , IOS 60 or any other IOS lower than 200 and you have bootmii IOS AND NO PRIILOADER YOU ARE basically screwed sorry mate

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    Basically, I think everything under IOS 200 has gone, my own stupid fault, I know it was a massive screw up on my part .... so I have to figure some way (if there is any) of salvaging this ..... would a Wiikey chip and latest update do any good? Anything at all would be great, don't really care if it ends up at 4.2e.




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