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Thread: I Have a BIG Problem With My Thread Title

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    Question I Have a BIG Problem With My Thread Title

    ok this is the problem i was in the process of doing a soft mod on my wii going by instructions i found on the internet and during the process of the modding one of the step's after doing a bunch of modification basicly i had 4.1u on my wii and the modding put 3.2 i beleave and it said after this process to do a system update from wii and it was suposed to take me back to ver 4.1 and still have homebrew on my wii but after the update it put 4.2U on my wii and there is no longer homebrew and now i am stuck i dont know what i can do from here. i mean what can i do now i got like 3 quorters of the way done doing this mod and this happens so is it posable to mod 4.2u even tho it was in the process of already being modded. can somebody give me some options or point me in the right direction or maybe a tutorial or something on where do i go from here. i am going to be watching this post so if you have any help i will reply right back to you and Thank You in advance, DopeShow

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    Follow the 4.2 link in my signature

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmail View Post
    Follow the 4.2 link in my signature
    what link you have 5 of them ?

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    This is an example of FAIL in the first degree. Here's a hint: he quoted you 4.2 and said see his sig... how many of the five mention 4.2?

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    I hope this person decides to back out of the idea of softmodding, It is clearly beyond his grasp.
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