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Thread: RUMOR: Red Steel 3 Teased

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    RUMOR: Red Steel 3 Teased

    Red Steel 3 Teased in Official French Nintendo Magazine

    There's a curious little teaser in the back of France's official Nintendo magazine (appropriately titled Nintendo Magazine) that was brought to our attention by French website LiveGen.

    And that is that Ubisoft Montreal is already hard at work on le tiers in the Red Steel series.

    The Red Steel series has so far been Ubisoft's experimentation playground for Wii, with the first entry launching alongside the console; introducing rudimentary motion controls for first-person shooters, and the recently released sequel making heavy use of the MotionPlus peripheral for enhanced sword combat. The third entry, according to the teaser blurb, will make use of the Vitality Sensor, which would make the game the first named to use the peripheral.

    We've reached out to Ubisoft for comment and will keep you posted.

    Update: Ubisoft Community Developer Aymeric Evennou has told us "we have nothing to declare" about the game.

    hmmmmmm we will see what comes of this

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