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Thread: Magic Word easy way to access Priiloader

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    Magic Word easy way to access Priiloader

    This is a way to access Priiloader from the HBC using an app.
    Requirement: Priiloader, 0.4, r78 or above

    This feature is called magic word, and was created by Daco Taco.

    It has two useful purposes.

    1. It enables you to access priiloader from the HBC, without having to power off and power on with reset held. This method still works.

    2. If you have autoboot set to installed file, and Return to autoboot , good for staying in your USB loader, but you cannot exit to system menu.

    Example. When in USB Loader GX with the above settings, you cannot exit to System menu,
    Press home and select back to loader, this takes you to HBC. Then select magic Word app.
    This takes you to Priiloader.

    Download this folder and copy to your SD\apps folder.


    All Systems and Regions Hacks.ini code

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