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Thread: Xenoblade HQ scans

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    Thumbs up Xenoblade HQ scans

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    I wonder if this game will be released in english, I tried to play a Japanese game on my DS and things didn't work so well for me.

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    Well I think there is interest for them to release it in english but I"m not really sure on that and I know how playing a game in japanese isnt fun or easy for that matter.

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    Dont Worry Wii RPG fans , its supossed to be release in june all over Japan , than after a while ( lets read 6 to 12 months here ) , were gonna have it for us to enjoyed. Its from the staff who brought us the FF series and Xenogear/saga. The old name of that Game , Monondo: Beggening of the World , is in production for quite a few years now.... Guess well be looking out for one good Wii RPG. That and also Arc Rise Fantasia coming soon .
    Hope thay can deliver at least 1 good RPG this year


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