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Thread: always get menu corrupt eventually

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    always get menu corrupt eventually

    I soft modded wii about a week ago. Loaded a few things but was given a loaded hard drive from a friend. Started playin with a few utilities being the curious idiot I am. System started to degrade. The regular homebrew menu disappeared, then boot holding boot/reset preloader,priiloader started appearing at the bottom. could still play games from what looked more like a DOS menu which showed up as loadergx w. started trying to load some fixes and all hell broke lose. I have been trying to get it to do anything other than post the original boot screen, press a, then it tells me systme menu corrupt. To the best of my recollection was on 4.1 /60/249. Hope this is enough info used to hack directtv, much different. I have read and tried about everything from multiple forums for a week now with the same result. Ii have two cards I swithch back and forth from just to try and speed things up. Any and all help appreciated

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    This would get more responses in the bricked wii section (hint hint... I'm moving it there.)

    Post back with answers.

    1) when you power on does your dvd light flash once or twice quickly

    2) Power on again while holding reset. Does priiloader come up?

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    One light, doesnt't come up to priloader anymore just normal system screen. I cant even find the bricked section.

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    Junk's moved it to the proper place... likely mauifrog will see this and respond to your request for assistance. In the interim, you wait...

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    I have a feeling you have no idea what you have done.

    Lets start with this-

    Load priiloader, click load/install, load the boot.dol- post the cvs report here

    run Any title deleter mod, extract the boot.dol to sd:\
    Load priiloader, click load/install, load the boot.dol
    Use ios249, or 250 or 36 (try try try again)
    Push 2 to update database, restart app
    Push 1 to export title list- post the title list here.

    If you do know what you installed prior to the system corruption, that would help. Also, are you using preloader or priiloader?
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    Still refuses to load, regular menu . Press A and system error. I wish I could remember what all I had done, but after 3 days I just started shogunningl=

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    Still refuses to boot from sdCard, Wish I could tell all I have done, Afer 3 days of not gtetting into a systet menu I just started the shotgun approach.

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    Still wont boot from SD card, Thet firs couple of days i just started the shotgun approach to getting into the sstem.


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