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Thread: Wad2Nand OS X

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    Wad2Nand OS X

    I ported wad2nand to mac os x.
    Original program by ZX-81.
    works with every wad i tested.
    make sure that is in the /Applications

    Google code
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    Wad2Nand OS X v1.1
    applescript application, no more common-key needed, select wad file.
    the app must be inside the /Applications folder, won't work otherwise.
    title and ticket folders will be created on desktop.
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    any feedback? works/doesn't work? v1.3 will have batch install. almost completed.

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    Whoa! Nice. I don't own a Macintosh myself but...Keep up that good work.
    If I had a Macintosh, I would certainly test it.
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    Every WAD I try to open displays,
    Can't make "Macintosh Ds" into type <<class cfol>>.
    This is with the in the applications folder.
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    @Ithian: v1.1/v1.2 has a bug which deletes the directory instead of the file. fixed in v1.3. get it here
    Also make sure that your startup disk is called Macintosh HD. It requires that. I may change that.
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    Wad2Nand v1.4: creates wad2nand-install.log on desktop so you know where it failed. Other bug fixes too.
    Should this be the final version or are there more features/bugs that need adding/fixing?
    Get it here
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