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Thread: playing games?

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    playing games?

    hi ive just burnt off a disc and put it into my wii started first time and played great . I turned it all off and back on to try it again and now it wont play disc?

    any ideas thanks

    just burned it again with a different disc @ 2x write speed and seems loads better so i think i have sorta answered my own question
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    Glad to hear you got it working perfect. Happy Gaming
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.

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    thanks ....Just another quick question has any one ever bought any games from *** ****** ****** ** if so are they any good ?


    MOD Edit: No Buying/selling/trading backup discussion allowed
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    Sorry, no discussion regarding buying/selling/trading backups allowed. It will get you and anyone else banned for doing so.

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    oops ok sorry ......

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    If you want to actually discuss that with anyone you should probably PM people. That would be a better idea Jbloggs won't really get mad then I don't think.


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