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Thread: Problem Backing up The New Super Mario

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    Problem Backing up The New Super Mario

    I have always backed up my games using Rawdump and never had any issues. I bought the New Super Mario and it gets about halfway and then freezes. Rawdump asks me if I want to continue and sometime it will and other times it will not. Even after it has restarted and seems like it has dumped the full game, once I burn the iso, it will not play. Is there some new security feature with the New Super Mario?

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    Your bringing up very old topics I am sorry to say. Dont be surprise if this thread gets closed by a mod. Anyways, theres guides on this site (plenty of them) that will help you solve this problem. If you had a HDD and usb loader gx, you can rip the game right to your HDD and run it that way. To answer your question though, yes they do have special security on that game but it can be worked around just by reading the guides. DavePM has a guide on that game.
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    Yep. Read the guide, we have more than enough NSMB threads to dig through for answers. Please search next time. Thanks.
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