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Thread: Guide to Installing Android on iPhone 2G by AndroidALot

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    Guide to Installing Android on iPhone 2G by AndroidALot

    Itís your easy 70-step Android on iPhone install guide

    You've seen the final product of Android running on an iPhone and hereís your easy-to-follow guide to installing Google Android on your own iPhone (2G).
    The video constitutes a detailed version of the process described at You can read the complete (70-step) walkthrough here...

    Be warned, the man who came up with this points out: ďI take no responsibility for any damage you might cause to your phone by following this guide. Whether it gets bricked, blocked or eventually thrown out of the window, I canít be held responsible. Use this guide at your own risk. Thanks!Ē

    This only works on a Jailbroken iPhone 2G.

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