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Thread: Hmm, Is my Wii's Laser on its way out?

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    Hmm, Is my Wii's Laser on its way out?

    I burned some back up games, which worked perfectly fine at first. One of them was Metroid Prime 3, when I insert the disc now, it stays on the first loading screen for quite a while, and then says the disc cannot be read. A similar problem also happened to Darkside Chronicles, which after the first loading screen it said disc cannot be read, although after taking out that disc and putting it back in again, it's been fine. The metroid Prime 3 problem has not fixed though.

    I haven't been using verbatim discs (though since this problem happened, I have now ordered some), and ofcourse I know you cannot diagnose the problem with what little information I have given you, but generally, does this seems like a problem with the discs I have been using, or is it more likely a problem with my wii?

    The brand of discs I have been using is DCS.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Just to clarify, in case I didn't make it clear enough in the first post, Metroid Prime 3 worked perfectly fine the first few times I played it.

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    r u using dvd+r or -r
    if ur using +r ur lasers prob screwed

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    it's definitely -r (minus r) I'm using

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    If retail discs work fine its not your laser.

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    Its possible that its not the WII laser, but the burner's laser. A bad or too fast of a burn will not produce a clean enough burn into the ink on the DVD. I guess it could even cause a disc to work maybe once and then start failing as well with just a bit of light surface damage (Since the burn is very close to the surface).

    Imgburn + 4x + Verb -R's and try it again, but I find it highly unlikely its the wii's head going out.
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