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Thread: I successfully soft-modded

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    I successfully soft-modded

    I successfully soft-modded my wii this morning. I was leery of doing it because I didn't want to mess it up and some of the stuff in the tutorial sounded Greek to me. But it wasn't that bad. I just followed Shawdowsonic's 4.2 guide.
    Then I went and bought a HDD. I had my eye on a 320 WD passport because of the size. But I ended up with a 500 WD mybook because it was cheaper. I followed another guide and before you know it I'm playing my Super Mario Bros. wii without the disk.
    Now if I can just keep my wii running smoothly.

    I was so excited about it I called up my sister and told her and now she wants to do it. But she just bought her's in Nov. So I'm trying to find out if she can rip games or not first.

    I also want to thank everyone here for the site. I even sent a few bucks to help out. Again thanks.

    I hope I put this in the right area.

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    Thanks for the donation Nick. It helps keeps this site going which lets us keep on helping people out.

    With a console purchased in November she'll most likely have a DVD drive with a D3-2 motherboard chip. This will prevent the console from reading anything except original Wii games, which includes backup discs and movie DVDs. BUT she can still burn her original Wii games to USB hard drive the same as any other console.

    To be sure, have her check her serial number against the list here: Wii Drive Chip Database
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