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Thread: dop mii v12 and bootmii question

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    dop mii v12 and bootmii question

    well ok i have tryed to install bootmii as a boot2 but bootmii says it can only be installed as an IOS ok kool least i have some kinda bootmii to recover in conjunction with preloader.

    so i bricked my wii on accident and the wii started loading directly to bootmii screen ok no issue (good thing i backed up my nand eh) i recovered from it and was in the process of re-updating and repairing everything back to normal ( as the nand back-up was a touch out of date) at this point in time we used DOP-MII to sighn the tuncha bug to the IOS's while we were sighning the bug we looked at the boot2 option and it said i could upgrade the boot2 from v.3 to v.4 without any issues

    any suggestions is this potentally whats keeping me from installing bootmii to my boot2 how is this possable when bootmii says its not capable of installing to the boot2 (asuming i have a non writable boot2)

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    You cannot install BootMii as boot2 because Nintendo patched the hole in boot1 which the HackMii team needs in order to place BootMii on boot2.


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