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Thread: ADVICE: Loaders, Brick Protection, Backup NAND

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    ADVICE: Loaders, Brick Protection, Backup NAND


    I'm brand new the forum because I just bought my first wii after discovering how much homebrew I can do with it. I've done some softmods - bannerbomb, homebrew, usbloader gx.

    What I didn't do was install anytype of protection for bricking and update blocking. Since its a brand new wii the system is on 4.2u. I was going to install BootMii but I can't install it as a boot2, only ios. I've also researched Priloader and StartPatch for blocking disc updates.

    At this point, I'd like some advice as to what the best setup is for my needs. My concern is that I might brick my wii installing either Priloader or StartPatch - which is safer?

    Should I install BootMii as IOS - is it worth it?

    I'm using USBLoader GX right now, which from what I understand does not have disc update protection. I hear NeoGamma does but I also read only install it if you REALLY want it. I'm happy with USBLoader and don't expect to load games using burnt copies - but I do want disk update protection when I go out and buy a new wii game to play.

    I'm scared to even play my new wii games I just went out a bought in fear that the disc update will screw me over.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    First off, you're on the latest System Menu version, so no worries about disc updates.
    Second, there aren't any "surprise updates". If the disc wants to update it'll say so. USBLoader GX will bypass such updates allowing you to play the games, as will Priiloader and Startpatch. I don't know about Startpatch, but Priiloader works fine with me, so it has my recommendation. As long as you get the 4.2u version, you're fine.
    It's your choice about installing bootmii, it's not very useful as an IOS but it won't disturb your wii in any way.
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    Bootmii IS usefull as an IOS, and making a NAND backup is a MUST if you can only install it as an IOS. Without bootmii installed, and a NAND backup you will never be able to recover a newer wii from a full brick. If you have bootmii installed as an IOS and a NAND backup you can recover with a NAND programmer.

    Boot2 is better but installing as an IOS is still usefull.

    As mentioned above, make an introduction post in the intros section.
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