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Thread: Need a little, Did I brick My Wii ????

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    Us Need a little, Did I brick My Wii ????

    i downloaded some software for wii to make Monster Hunter 3 to work, Now I am having some big problems with Wiiflow and Neogamma. Both of them are not loading just gives me a black screen and hdd freezes. I am trying to reinstall from backup right now. What did I di wrong, do you think it could of been the cios that i had to change around ? Please Help.

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    Let me guess, you installed cIOSx Rev19?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Tell you the truth i dont know what i did. I followed all instructions as posted. Now i am trying to recover but gives me error ( boot2 cannot boot from bootmii if sd card is corrupted or something like that) what am i doing wrong ?

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    Lol if you don't even know what you did how do you excpect anyone to be able to help you? Always make sure you know what your doing before you do it! This goes for everything, not just the wii. Suprises me how many people just do things without knowing what they are doing.

    I have need heard of that error...does your wii boot up? Can you get to the system menu? Can you get to priiloader or HBC?

    What softmod guide did you follow, what system menu version do you have?

    More info.... are you trying to restore the NAND? If so this probablly isn't needed.
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    Any chance you updated to 4.2? That would kill your softmods.

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    Can anyone help me over here:

    Kind of the same problem, I installed cIOSX rev19 for monster hunter tri, and now wad manager wont let me install wads (it gives me this error: Installing title...ERROR! (ret = -1029))

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    I answered your question over there. Read the error index and do what it suggests....or

    Reinstall cIOS38 Rev 17 and then follow THIS guide for monster hunter. (first post ONLY)
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    herculion- You need to install cios38rev17 and not hijack someone elses thread.

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    I have a wii 4.2 u. i could still get into everything like homebrew...etc. The only thing i can do is into my wiiflow and neogamma. The error is giving me when i try to recover from sd card is. bootmii not found, to dangerous to continue. if your sd card is corrupt or restore is interrupted, you will be unable to boot to fix it. if you are sure you want to do this, press a*b*x*y. otherwise, press any key to exit. i checked my setting on bootmii.

    bootmii v1.1
    stub v
    mini v1.1
    console id 0792fc1f
    system menu 4.2u boot 1? boot2v4
    nand fs usage 61.8%
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    Sounds like you're trying to restore a NAND backup from Bootmii as an IOS (in other words loaded from HBC).

    "bootmii not found" - sure it's not saying bootmii as boot2 not found?
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