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Thread: Wiikey installed NTSC Wii with many extras (including the Wii Fit)

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    Wiikey installed NTSC Wii with many extras (including the Wii Fit)

    hello all,
    I'm trying to sell my wii package so it can meet better owner who'll use it...It's been sitting on my entertainment center along with Wii Fit. (Yes, it's part of the package)

    - wii w/ original accessories (sorry no original box)
    - wiikey is updated to 1.9S(or x) and system update is 3.3U
    - had absolutely no problems with the SSBB nor any other games. FLAWLESSness guaranteed!
    - 2 wii remotes
    - nyko charging station with rechargeable batteries attached (no more AA batteries needed!)
    - 1 nunchuck
    - 1 HD Composite cable (and still have the original cable if you want it)
    - 1 classic controller to play classic games downloaded (have N64 Mario kart d/l)
    - Wii Fit (w/ receipt, box, etc. Complete! - played once, and found out it's not my type of thing)


    Originals - mario kart (w/ wheel), zelda, wii fit, wii sport, wii play
    MOD EDIT: No selling/buying/trading of Backups allowed

    Price is calculated in following ways,

    Wiikey Modded Wii = $250 + installation ($80) = $330
    Extra wiimote = $30
    Classic Contrl = $15
    Nyko charging station = $25
    Wii Fit = $100
    Time and DVD-Rs: well it's part of the deal (saves you lots of lots of time of waiting d/l and burning dvds)

    That's about $510 (excluding the games, but i'm just giving all to you as a part of the pkg). And some original games (mario kart and zelda) are valued at least $60ish if you decide to sell them cause you can d/l them(I'd keep them if I were you).

    Bottom line price is $500 + shipping(My guess is about $25: since wii fit is pretty darn heavy)

    Please email me or PM me.

    NOTE: No part selling. All in one package. Thanks!
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