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Thread: 6 coasters in a row

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    6 coasters in a row

    Hi all,

    I've just updated my softmod, but since then I've been unable to get any backup discs working at all - they all fail with "unable to read DVD" when launched through the gammaloader thing.

    The original runs fine (It's COD Modern Warfare - although I tried, COD World at war as well and had the same result), just not the backup. I don't like using the original discs if I can help it due to the kids scratching half of them, so I keep the ISOs on my NAS and let the kids use the backup copies.

    I'm using K3B to burn - this always worked in the past, could it be that the upgraded softmod isn't compatible with this (these) games?

    I followed this: guide.

    Also, I have tried using Verbatim, Memorex and Maxell discs and all three give the same error.

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    Try re-installing your cIOS (maybe broken?).

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    Thank you, I will. However, backups that I have burned before I updated still work fine, would that simply suggest that my burns are duff?

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    Alternatively, I do have a USB 1TB disc (2x520MB) that I could use instead (and a couple of 8gb & 16gb sticks if the TB drive is too big for the WII to see) . Would you recommend this route instead of burning?
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    USB loading is a lot easier and nicer than messing with discs. Check out the usb link in my signature.

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    Lovely...well, almost ;-)

    Thanks for the link in the sig, however, it seems I need something called "WBFS Manager" and there only seems to be Windows or Mac versions.

    Of course, I don't use either - I use Linux exclusively; I don't have a Windows machine anywhere in my house at all. Is there a way around this do you know?

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    Ooooookay....for some reason K3B let me burn it again but a 2x speed (the other times, this wasn't an option), and now it's working.

    I'm still going for the USB idea though - that sounds like a plan to me ;-)

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    I'm using Wiithon, which works good so far. Only issue is that there is a lot in spanish(?) and not in english (or german...)


    Edit: The wbfs format command seems to be in the settings screen, found it only after I already booted up windows and formated the hdd there.
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    Well, try this one: Usage - linux-wbfs-manager - Usage instructions - Project Hosting on Google Code It is WBFSManager for linux :P You could also try it with WINE, but it probably won't work.
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