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Thread: Wii remote won't connect when using hacking apps!!!

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    Wii remote won't connect when using hacking apps!!!

    A few months ago, my sister accidentally updated my wii to 4.2 THROUGH NINTENDO while I was at school. (<-the wii was a softmodded 4.0 before)

    Luckily, my wii wasn't bricked and I stopped using my wii for months except my family used it. Now Im going back to playing/hacking with my wii and when I load apps from the HBC, my wii remote won't connect after. The same thing happens with WAD Manager (channel version v1.4) but when I started wiiflow or backup launchers (channel versions) I get a black screen. There was nothing I can do except restart it.

    Do you think I should make my wii into a virgin wii then hack it again or is there a fix to this problem? I haven't tried my disc backups yet since I can't get backup launchers to work. Retail discs and retail channels works fine.

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    There's no need. 4.2 stubbed your cIOS install that's all. Follow one of the 4.2 guides which you would have linked if you bother to make a thread in Introductions, specifically the part regarding cIOS installation/stub removal.
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    i have 4.2 update and also did IOS 53 update and it worked but today i bought an original wii resort and it freezed me my controler.what can i do ????

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