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Thread: few quick questions about usb loader

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    few quick questions about usb loader

    I have a quick question on something that I hope somebody can answer. I don't have time to search your labyrinth of a forum for something this simple.

    Now here's the situation: I went out yesterday and bought a brand new Wii. You know, the one that doesn't read disc backups. I found that out after installing the 4.2 bannerbomb twice. Anyway, I kept my last installation of it. I have the homebrew channel up and working correctly (reads stuff on my SD card perfectly), dvdx, and all that. However, during the reading around that I DID do, I read several posts saying that the USB loader was the only option for unfortunate souls like mine. I ended up downloading several games that were too big for my 4GB flash drive.

    ANYWAY, my two main questions are here: I have a USB Loader on my 2GB SD card, with USB Loader GX 1.0 on it (not sure if its the latest, but hey it works!). I have the IOS249 rev 14. I went through a tutorial on stuffing all this foreign junk in my wii. (as stated before) Now, before I go out and buy an 8GB USB drive, I need to know if this will work. I have the scrubbed isos that are ready. Now do I simply put the iso on the USB drive and run the USB loader? I heard the Wii models with the LU73-something or other, are the ones that started shipping with the nazi, backup hater of a chip installed in it. So since mine is an LU74, does it have some sort of restricted USB drives, or anything like that?

    I appreciate quick responses.
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    I don't have time to search your labyrinth of a forum for something this simple.
    That kinda thinking will get you no where with modding ...reading... searching=Learning .
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    "I don't have time to search your labyrinth of a forum for something this simple."
    It's the simple problems you search the forums for since they have probably been answered. It's the unique problems where you need to create a thread.

    Waninkoko rev 17
    Waninkoko also has rev19 but I don't want to explain how to use it. If you want to know more use the search button.

    Also Install Herme's IOS 202, 222, and 224. Use v4 and install IOS 223 as 38 merged w/ 37.

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    Another forum answered my questions, I won't be coming back here again.

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    Ok bye bye!!

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    Argauos i cant believe you would possiblly put that in a thread i havent got time to search oh well cant all be spoon fed lol see you

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    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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