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Thread: 10 Ways the Wii Isnít The Gamecube

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    10 Ways the Wii Isnít The Gamecube

    After reading many people across the internet tossing out the argument that the Nintendo Wii is nothing more than a Gamecube with slightly better graphics, I thought I would list out 10 ways the Wii is different from the Gamecube. An alternate version of the argument is that the Wii was not necessary and we should have instead just bought the controller for the Gamecube as an add-on! Read along and see just what the Gamecube couldnít do that required a whole new system to achieve Nintendoís goal.

    1: A Much Better Interface - The Gamecube didnít have quite what the Wii has when it comes to operating system and itís GUI. The ability to upgrade the firmware and more would not be possible on the Gamecube in itís current state.

    2: 512 Megs Internal Memory - Only on the Wii. The Gamecube had no internal memory and supported memory cards only.

    3: SD Memory Card Support - Once again, the Wii has this and the Gamecube does not. It would require a whole new add-on or modification of some sort for the GC to support SD cards.

    4: Built In Wireless Internet Support - Sure, the Gamecube had an add-on that you could buy that would allow for internet access.. We see how well that was supported by both the gamers and the developers. Did you purchase one? Perhaps not and due to the fact there was little to play using it because it was an addon that was bought in limited amounts. Perhaps the Gamecube didnít do online very well. Either way, the Wii does and itís got Wifi built in and is ready to go online out of the box. Something the Gamecube was not able to do.

    5: Online Shop With Virtual Console Games - This stuff is kinda stacking up as this is dependant on the Wiiís operating system, built in online, and internal memory. It still exists as something the Wii offers that the Gamecube simply could not have. Play older NES, SNES, N64, even Turbografix 16, and Sega Genesis games on the system thanks to the online store and the Virtual Console.

    6: Channels - Something else dependent on many of the other items listed, but yet again still something the Wii offers. Photos, news, weather, and soon Internet and more available on your Wii and never available on the Gamecube.

    7: Miiís - As small as the Mii system may seem, itís actually a very neat addition to the console. Countless hours will be spent making Miiís in our likeness and of famous celebrities only to be seen in some of the very games we play on the system. Entire online websites will be devoted to people sharing the Miiís they have created. Something the Gamecube did not and could not offer.

    8: Much More Attractive and Acceptable Design - It may not matter to some, but the design of the Wii alone is going to push those that didnít want the Gamecube based on itís looks alone over the edge and possibly into purchasing the system now that it doesnít look like a Mattel kids toy. The purple cube shape may have been just enough to cause some folks to miss out on the system and in turn some great games. Now that the Wii is here and sports a cleaner, more ďApple-yĒ look that is very aesthetically pleasing, more folks may be inclined to purchase it and even give those older Gamecube games a go.

    9: Friends and Messaging - Something the Gamecube didnít have nor ever plan on supporting outside any games that did. The Wii has the ability to store your friends in a list and messaging between you and them. You can send and receive notes to people over the internet to and from any email address as well. You can email Wii users pictures which they can store and manipulate on their system. All kinds of little things you can do on the Wii that could not be done on the Gamecube.

    10: More 3rd Party Support - Given the fact that the controllers are not simply some add-on that a majority of the market probably wouldnít buy and that the Wii is the complete system that it is, 3rd party developers are going to be more inclined to develop new and original games for it that simply wonít be found on other systems. This is also something the Gamecube didnít have. As a matter of fact, the Gamecube had so little 3rd party support, it was seen as one of the reasons for itís lackluster success in terms of sales numbers.

    The Wii has much, much more to offer than the Gamecube does even if you simply made the Wii controllers available for the Gamecube. There is so much to the Wii, it would be a shame to miss out on itís goodness due to the fact you think all the Wii is is a Gamecube with slightly updated graphics and a tacked on control scheme. Considering you can also play Gamecube games on the Wii, itís almost a foregone conclusion that when faced with which one to purchase at this point, the Wii is the clear winner. For those folks that may not have come to know the Gamecube and the Wii will be their first Nintendo console purchase since the N64, they are in for a real treat. At the price point the Wii is set at with everything it has to offer, itís a great buy that will allow you to not only enjoy the Wii games, but also the Gamecube collection and the Virtual Console games as well. Enjoy the Wii!

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    My brother has gamecube that I play once in a while... fun but the wii will be sick.

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    I can't imagine why people would say that Wii is a Gamecube in the first place... unless they've been blinded by pretty graphics.

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    The issue with graphics is one of the issues alot of people I know are turned off with the wii.....of course the innovative controller is why most want it lol. Still the games seem to generally be a blast to play. I know I have played a few games that were tedious at best and if nintendo can bring back a tonne of "FUN" to gaming that's all we can ask for.

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    Well said Mike. That should shut the Nintendo haters up.

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    Mike did you write this yourself or take it off of a website because it is very good.

    I'm tired of hearing how it is just a gamecube with better graphics and now I can definitely prove that it isn't


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